Coffee & Oat Milk, taste great together!

You ever get this sense of wanting more done to your coffee? Like wanting to make it zestful  and full of spice along with added energetic vibes? Well, I did.

I started to experiment and scroll through the various plant based items I had in the cabinets. I realized I had plenty of oats available and plenty of rice. I’ve had Rice Milk in my coffee before and it was okay but it didn’t offer, that thick and creamy consistency I crave for in my cup of joe. Forward now, to me making my first batch of Oat Milk! 

It was very simple and yet I still wanted to add some extra stuff to it; So I did! I added AllSpice, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg to it before blending it together with water—A blender must be used for this recipe; Consistency is key! I will give further details below:



Cinnamon, Opt.

Nutmeg, Opt.

AllSpice , Opt.

Dates or Raisins, Opt. Sweeteners

Water( Make sure the water is equivalent to the amount of oats used;  1/2 Oats = 1/2 H2O)



Strainer or Nut Straining Bag

Large Pitcher or bowl


Add your amount of oats and add-ins aka optionals to the blender. Then add the water. Blend for about 1-2 minutes or until you see that all the ingredients are smoothly blended together. Then strain the now, Oat Milk. Then store inside of the pitcher and place it, in your fridge.

Bravo, you now have Oat milk!!

Honestly, I was very surprised with my results because it was so smooth and creamy. I truly loved it. I immediately added some to my nice hot cup of coffee!

Now, I make it as often as possible and oh yeah,… each batch should be consumed within less than a week. I mean, I drink mine within 2-4 days since I drink it alone or with my coffee. I also made a plain batch of Oat milk, minus the optional add-ins.

I think I should have added a photo but I didn’t because I was in heaven sipping on my wonderful cup of coffee with my new found glory, Oat Milk.  🙂


Bustelo, the coffee brand everyone knows so well In New York City

         The city of New York consist of 5 boroughs : Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. The boroughs each have unique aspects about them to offer people who visit them. But all share a similar favorite hot drink and that is, Bustelo .One of the best coffee brands in New York City. Just simply stop by any bodega or deli, and you’ll definitely be able to find it brewing in their coffee maker. Along with being able to purchase a batch at any of the supermarkets in New York City. 

This is not a paid review for, Bustelo; As I am a true coffee lover and just love talking about coffee. Although Bustelo is a stronger and darker roast when grounded and brewed; It is great for espresso. I just use it, as though I’m drinking a regular cup of plain medium roast, and I pour a full cup! Yes, please!! I love a nice cup of dark roasted black coffee or with a little cream depending on my mood. Of course, if I have it straight without honey or cream in it, I am usually wired for a couple of hours.  Bustelo does its job well!

Somehow, I am able to write about Bustelo, due to the fact that it taste so good–no matter if you drink it hot or cold, or with cream and sugar. I even love offering my guest a cup of Bustelo,…yes I said a cup of Bustelo, because if you can’t handle Bustelo, then I don’t know what to think of you. I’m kidding, I’m aware that there are groups of de-caffeinated followers out there who purely can’t stand caffeine and who just might be, caffeine sensitive, I understand. May the universe bless you, because even some teas carry the agents of caffeine naturally, as coffee does too. Along with majority of hot chocolates, just not as high in caffeine as tea or coffee.

I am not hating on those who refuse to drink coffee or tea that has caffeine,..whatever floats your boat in the AM. So be it! I am fine even if I don’t get my cup of joe in the AM. I can go a day or so without it. But I feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I have a nice, hot cup of coffee at 6am in the morning, along with a piece of brownie or toast with butter. It goes well together, trust me!

Until next time folks, toddle-loa!